Make a short film with the famous
Two-Cities Films company.

The film itself can be whatever you want to make it – a
comedy or curio to amuse or shock your friends, or a
serious first step in a new career. We will make it work
as both.
Before you arrive we will discuss your idea with you,
and help you to write a draft script or outline of the idea.
We will then turn it into a workable shooting script.
When you arrive, you can bring friends to be in it, we will
decide shots, set ups - how to approach actually filming
the scenes.
Then we rehearse, making sure your performances are
right for the type of film you're aiming at. You'll learn
about how to perform in front of a camera – its not
maybe what you think!
Then comes shooting, the exciting, demanding, strange
experience of the art of illusion! No matter how little
idea you have of what to do at first, you' ll be surprised
how convincing we can make you look and perform.
You'll see “rushes”, raw footage of your days work.
When the shooting and your stay is over we do the post
production, that is - editing, adding any effects or
processing to get the desired look and sound, the tone,
plus titles and credits.
Then we deliver to you a broadcast-quality film that is
yours to use as you like.

This service is also suitable for actors who want to
create a show-reel. Please contact us to discuss your
requirements. We are particularly experienced in getting
the best performances out of top quality actors, and the
director has worked with stars of stage and screen both
here and abroad for 25 years.

Short Film Making Service
Make your own short film using our complete service from script development and writing, through rehearsal, shooting and then post-production.
For just £1000 we  deliver a 10 minute long  broadcast quality film that you have written and performed in, directed and filmed to the highest artistic standards.
This service suits both amateurs who want a short film for fun, or actors preparing a show-reel, or
anyone who wants to start a career in film-making.


Mick Ford as Van Helsing in Dracula
Philip Blair in Dracula
Two Cities Films company offices, in Deal, Kent.
Accommodation is available in our beautiful Georgian
company offices at only £50 per night, per person.
We would shoot from 12pm to around 7pm.